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“Axle” Fidget Spinner


  • The Fidget Spinner That Started The Gear Craze
  • Reduce Stress, Increase Concentration, and Relieve Anxiety.
  • The Original and Still the Best
  • Working Gears Adds a Level of Usability “regular” fidget spinners Lack
  • Made in the USA from a Military Grade Composite.
  • Made to LAST – Will not shatter or break if dropped… or run over by a truck!

Original AXLE Fidget Spinner

The spinner with Working Gears that started the Craze of Adding Gears to fidget spinners. Not designed to be elegant. Not designed to spin forever. Simply designed to be the ultimate fidgeter. Next make it nearly unbreakable. Finish it off with a Bada** beastly look and what you have is the marvel we love and stand by - The AXLE Fidget Spinner. No matter which version you choose you are sure to turn heads.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 0.5 in

Black, Red, Blue, White