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“CCW” Fidget Spinner


  • Small and Compact – Fits in Coin Pocket on Jeans
  • Side Rollers allow for Flipping and Rolling
  • Loose fit Balls spin around
  • Spins on your Finger like “Normal” spinner
  • Unlimited Fidget Potential
  • Perfect for Small Hands
  • Easily Hide From Teacher!

Small and compact enough to carry concealed, perfect size to fit in the coin pocket on a pair of jeans. The idea for the CCW spinner came from conversations and brainstorming with several people who benefit from using fidget devices. We have taken this spinner to a whole new level, adding the Rollers on the sides gives you the ability to roll the CCW end over end in your hand with minimal effort. Pinching the pads on either end of the roller will allow you to flip it around by moving your whole hand. The ball bearings have been fit loosely so that you can roll them around between your fingers, which is very satisfying. You can also just spin it like a normal spinner. Our Philosophy is always to "Destroy the Ordinary" and we think If all it does is spin in circles its pretty boring. So whether you Open Carry or Concealed Carry, the CCW spinner by Destroyer Brands will be a good addition to your arsenal.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 2 × 0.5 in

Brass, Steel