Silencer Kit (silencer gear)

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Like to be low key? Do you use your AXLE spinner in class or in the office? Do you move like a ninja in the night? Are you an assassin? if you answered yes to any of these questions then you need the silencer gear. If you answered yes to ALL of these questions then you are my hero and I want you to autograph my upper thigh and then buy one. These babies are made of a special material that is like rubber but feels cooler and doesn’t smell bad. If your AXLE spinner wasn’t so flippin cool you might forget its even there once you put this thing on it. The only noise you will get will be from the center bearing. Slightly larger than your regular center gear it also eliminates the ability for the smaller gears to move freely and create noise that way. Just all around BA! Get one while they are in stock, This item will only ever be made in small batches.

  • Cuts out the sound of the gears moving
  • No one will hear you coming
  • Be as silent and deadly as... NVM
  • Slightly larger than your original center gear for a snug fit
  • All you'll hear is you being a bada**