DIN Rail Mounting Bracket For Intel NUC with top mount for Arduino Mega (LRG- RAW)

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Save precious space in your robotics projects, while reducing cable length requirements for communication between the computer and microcontroller. A secure mounting enclosure for use with NK series Intel NUC's to securely fasten to a DIN rail. This enclosure has the added benefit of allowing for securing a Adruino compatible board to the top of it so that your computer and microcontroller can be located in the same area. Din Rail mount for NK series Intel NUC, with Arduino compatible top circuit board mount. NUC7i3BNK- NUC7i5BNK- NUC7I7DNKE- NUC7I5DNKE- NUC7I3DNKE- Form Factor: M.2 SSD Internal Drive- Not compatible with non NK Series NUC's or 2.5" Drive Internal Drive Form Factor form factor.